24 July 2024 | 18 Muharram 1446
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About Us

About the Website


From the main objectives of the Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs this is to deal with technical developments of media on a global level and seeks to activate its role with the latest methods available, in addition to the effective role of internet use in spreading Islamic Culture. For all these reasons the Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs decided to adopt the project of developing this website to provide viewers with information about Islam and its sciences, civilizations and nation. Also, this website provides viewers with all the means of advocacy; to propagate the Islamic faith; providing various information and services which have become indispensable tools of the Internet age.

It was already an idea held of establishing an Islamic portal on the Internet containing all the benefit and goodness of the Islamic faith; providing viewers with a good resource of Science and Islamic Culture.

Nature of the Project:

It is a website on the Internet with a comprehensive message, Islamic content and variety of services.  

The Goal of the Project:

Contributing to the Islamic Revival Project by building a global Islamic website on the Internet providing information and services for use by Muslims and non-Muslims in Arabic at the present time, realising the reference in all matters relating to Islam; sciences, civilization and nation, with the credibility of content, plus excellence in presentation.

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